Agricultural Land for Sale

For Sale by: Fermes & Elevateur J-G Lapointe (1590574 Ontario Inc.)

70 acres Agricultural Land – Saumure Road


PT LT 22 Conc 1, Cumberland as in RR22127B, Except Pts 1 & 2, 50R245; SIT CU17608; Pin 145550119

Proposed Completion date of the transaction is 24 Sept 2020

Land inspections and visits are available provided the Seller is informed in advance

Interested Buyers must submit an unconditional offer using the Agreement of Purchase and Sale available from the Seller.

Note: Standard conditions on financing and/or lawyers approval may be approved by the Seller.  No other conditions will be accepted.

Offers must include a Certified Deposit Cheque of $50,000. Payable to 1590574 Ontario Inc.

Note: deposit of the successful Buyer will be cashed by the Seller upon acceptance of the successful offer.

Offers are to be submitted with a total Purchase Price.  Any offer based on a price per acre will be rejected.  Note: Total of 70 acres is calculated based on the Geowarehouse system.

The Seller will not pay any selling commission to anyone including offers received by Real Estate Agents

Misc. Information:

  1. Granular: any granular stockpiled on site, if any, is included
  2. Lime: any lime stockpiled on site, if any, is included
    1. 2 tons / acre were spread Spring 2020
    2. 2 tons / acre approx were spread in total (2015 & 2016)
  3. Land is professionally systematically tile drained
  4. Best Corn harvest on record: 4.7 tons / acre com (2015) (see attached map)
  5. Wheat harvest seeded in Spring 2020 is not included.
  6. Compost: 38 cu.yds / acre approx. were spread in total (2009 & 2011)
  7. Kalilme: 3 tons / acre were spread in total in 2009 and 2011
  8. Soil Test: Done by Synagri (See attached report)
  9. Phosphate and Potassium were spread regularly for Corn & Soya seasons
  10. Since 2005, this land was seeded 8 seasons of corn and 7 seasons of Soya
  11. Cover Crop: rye grass was seeded a few years ago

Note: This information sheet is believed to be accurate and is given as information but the Seller does not take any responsibility for any error or interpretation by others.

For Further Information contact: Alain Lapointe 613-443-5263



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